Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sandy Point .....Lets Go back to Summer's start 2013

It feels so Good to be back on track BLOG speaking! been a while, and so much has happened moving and moving theres moving and packing and moving . ok you get the point. well I thought why not go back to right at the summers start and play catch up along the way .
the first week in New England was sad looking , the sky was grey and the air was wet but the undeniable smell of salt water and summer BBQ's could be smelled miles away the mingling of Fresh cut green grass and early morning dew evaporating on the leaves of shrubs is a young memory for me we never forget scents. took the kids and Davin to Portsmouth Ma. the day was sad looking But I knew Even the Aromatherapy and feel of the salt water on our feet would be great no matter what face the sky showed. I had loved to go there with my college room mate she is from Marblehead Mass and barely ever got down to the South shore. we'd get cute and go watch the Polo matches , and sit and talk about the world walking on SANDY POINT. so I drove to Sandy Point with the Fam.
the words of that Day July 2 2013.......Relaxing, Fun , Pretty, memorable.

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