Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Islands in New England , the beginning

 its been officially ONE YEAR !!! whoooo HOOOO!!!

its summer again and the ocean state is teeming with all sorts of fun activities for us to explore.

its time to explore not only our new home Island of Aquidneck , but all the amazing New England Islands and waterways on our journey


video of pour beautiful Island Home town

                And what is being built right behind our house about 100 ft away

Monday, September 14, 2015

OH that smell ........ITS FALL !!!!...

walking my son Dillon to the bus stop this morning I stopped and had him close his eyes and take a deep breath, his sweet little face tilted up at the sun as we took deep breathes of the lite scent of fall in the air , the temp was cool this morning and the day has been windy ,which not only can you smell the leaves that have begun their new transition into bright shades of yellow and red and orange But also the cool fresh scent of the ocean 2 blocks away on our Island of Aquidneck .

we will be able to see this view even better from my master bath when the fall leaves are gone !  this is the view from the main road 

we stood for a minute or two talking about the change in the air and we both agree that its time to start getting serious on the matter of Halloween, its a very serious matter in our family and I am the mistress of holiday , I have been the catalyst in the love of the holiday, Now that the kids are older and have their own ideas and costume choices Its even more exciting for me,

the house is pretty much  together , and its always a struggle to feel good about New surroundings and look at all your old stuff , wouldn't i be amazing to be able to buy all new everything to go with the new move ........yes well thats not an option , at least not a a smart financial one anyway. But one thing that can be done is repaint repost redesign , and that can be SO FUN, and not expensive at all !

as with every holiday , I never decorate at the last minute ...... Im the LEAD up to the day kinda gal , that means the month leading up to the actual holiday is the "set up" time ......kind of like an appetizer  before a meal , I like to have a lead to the holiday ...adding small additions here and there ....maybe a wreath will go up ....mums at the front door.....and all around the house small cute Halloweeny additions favorite time of year will last until its time to prepare for winter and the big holidays .

Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm Back ..........moving forward.

I'm back to the basics . I began writing on another blog then, things got very busy and my health became a drag so somethings had to be left for a bit ,
 blog was one.

                                        happy cows in Oklahoma

life has shifted and turned and moved so quickly and now theres plenty of time ......for now anyway to hit the keys once more.

so many amazing things going on and having both kids back to public school is one that is defiantly a great one for all. Homeschooling them for a year and a half was perfect for us not only did I learn to focus on them and what really mattered to them as people , They got to live in the country and learn so many different things about the land and animals and their place along side of them. there were hard times for me missing home but we have all missed home ,ever since we've left Colorado we have missed home and will most likely always miss it.

BUT NOW theres the ocean and more mountains and trees ! ohhhh sooo many trees!! I lived here for 25 years and never fully grasped how many trees we have compared to other parts of the country , I find myself looking at them in such a way that feels foreign as if I have never seen so many in one place, but living down in florida panhandle and in Oklahoma ,one forgets how deep forest it is up here in New England.

and when your feeling the need for a getaway even for a couple of hours just to think , there is my favorite thing, The Ocean.

we took wedding photos on these rocks in 1997 

Ive taken on new challenges , in writing in producing and that means I need to keep healthy so getting back into better way of eating and sleeping is also a priority these days , I want so badly to get my creative crafty juices flowing as well and who knows where that will lead . After the last 3 years of rebuilding its time to Unpack the old me dust her off and apply some polish .......see where she fits in and what is ready to be thrown away for good and what can be carried along for a new leg ,a new chapter to this nomads life.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Rebuilding ,Renewal

When I lived in Indiana right after Izzy was born I was just beginning my women's empowerment classes we did meditation and we shared stories we sent each other notes of support. over the years I fell hard into Radio and even though I did listener events I never again went as far as classes or gatherings. Now I find my self in one of the toughest last year so far of my marriage , watching my husband go through pain of loss and also the growing pains of moving forward without his father who was his best male friend . yes its been very hard . I woke up the other day thinking ok I need to get back to basics I need to get back to what brings me joy and also helps others in the process,
I have decided to get my Meditation practice up and going once more. These days I spend most of my time with my amazing kids . I have come to see that mediation and taking mini zen times really help them with studies. I cant wait to get it all together Im planning mommy and me meditation classes free introduction classes and discounts to mommies who homeschool I can feel the energy flow already. NOW........finding the right places to meet .....time to network

Monday, October 14, 2013

Lifting Me Up....

I woke today with not only my head spinning into so many directions I couldn't see straight I also had a stomach ache , and the final pangs of leaving these horrific meds behind FOREVER I thought........ I thought of my Father and trying to remember his Voice , yesterday was his birthday , he been gone 26 years now , I still pain over him like it was yesterday, I look at my son and see and hear his humor in his facial expressions, I guess I would feel the same way watching myself LOL. those that know me well think Dillon is so much like me as a kid. The thought of NOW WHAT....keeps climbing into my mind , refurbishing my father in laws home has taken a toll on our little family , my amazing husband has worked so hard and continues to, to bring value to this property, he is succeeding. after being in Media 22 years and having been in theatre and having struggled with no less than 2 to 3 jobs before I met davin , I sat today in our car and IT HIT ME I am BORED and TIRED I dont know how to NOT "DO" to not MOVE around and be completing something ,creating something, learning something. right now I wash way too many dishes by hand in a sink that I believe hercules installed the MUST PUSH AND PULL harder than a Viking in the lower level of a ship, to get from cold to hot and back OR from Left to right. BUT it is not my home Im ...LIV...survi...ummm squatting here for a bit, laugh if you will but I have about 5 outfits , none of our belongings and a couple of kitchen items , the rest is in storage waiting. and we are here waiting for our home to be done. we WILL be in there in a couple of weeks and soon I can be free of the over feeling yucky in this somewhat taken care of home , it also was a hoarded place so the cleanup has never been complete here and certain things in this house can only be fixed by Complete Elimination , since it is not our place to do so ,(its my sister in laws home)(she returns here from NYC at months end) I am a very sad Portuguese homemaker , Dirt is not my thing, so I have been in a NOT MY THING home for 6 months now . the latest thought is business OURS ,MINE,HIS all the things that were put ON HOLD after his father passed . we must find the courage to regroup to restart Its hard to get advice from folks who have never cracked a mic or interviewed a celebrity or Public figure, Most people have no idea what it takes to create a SHOW have followers Listeners , and be responsible for ENTERTAINING masses SO HOW can we go and try to explain where we are at in our career and how much we have suffered to be where we are now in our journey , if no one around us has left the state they live in never mind Interviewed Jessica Simpson. we must take everyones advice with not only a grain of salt but also understand They do not understand Nor will they ever , Unless they live with us and do what we do.
it has indeed been a challenge , we have moved YES, but in those past moves there was always a job to go to. today was hard , and the rain made it harder. picking up my fatherin laws grave marker.....HARDER still , a hard sad day with all that happened today , a phone call from my mother put things in a greater light then ever as I tried not to cry telling her what I feel ....SHE came back with WHAT I WAS FEELING, weird? no, not at all MOMS know. when I told her about how we are Struggling to make sense of what GOD has laid out for us , SHE came back with this is your journey and share your thoughts with GOD as him to clear the path so you can make the best decisions ONLY you BOTH know what you are capable of doing , ONLY both of you know where you have been. whats going to hurt your kids? a move? a failed marriage? an unexpected Death? DISEASE? YOU know you're kids better than anyone else, I began to really think about everyone I have been around in the last months OR who have I had serious conversations with
I have Military friends, Divorced friends , settled for life friends, and to be honest NO ONE is with out some issue. society wants to make all of us feel warped and wrong because we were handed a not PERFECT HAND. this all has been a good lesson today and I feel better at 4:00pm then I did at 8 am and as I finish writing this I am busy thinking of what yummy dinner I can put together tonight as well, and having many things to do makes me feel much better.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

6 months Never in all my moves has it been this difficult to be ok in my surroundings , Both homes we are connected with , (the one we're living in) and of coarse the worse of the two the one which we will call home , had to be cleaned and when I say cleaned, I dont mean oh some bleach some windex it will be good as new!!!
yea .....about that ..... just on the cleaning of the homestead it has taken us 1 and half boxes of construction size trash bags , just for trash , that does not includes hard ware and wood. that does include piles and piles of rat chewed clothing , documents,linens towels, recreation toys, frames . then there was the after math of the chewing.................POOP. dust pans filled with rat POOP .....dead spiders, roaches,scorpions,cicada bugs. the house we are staying had less animal mess but the hoarding was the same and the smoke smell continues till we are gone. all our things lay in storage and we have limited clothing so laundry is doubled. I was brought up in a home where cleanliness was at the top of the list , it is a stepping stone to organization which is the key to making life run smoother , knowing what you possess and what needs fixing what is needed and not needed so to be put in a situation where NONE of that is taking place and has not been in a very long time is very hard road. we all have mistakes we have made in our lives and roads we should not have taken , even though there have been missteps my kids are not at the mercy of our choices , they have been very well taken care of they are loved and compared to other countries and other families around us they have both parents , their parents really love each other, we pray together, we try as hard as possible to never go too long without eating dinner together yes we are CATHOLIC , that is OUR path. and I believe it has been the SAVIOR to our heartache. there is still so much more to do and writing my Portuguese 1st Gen cookbook is in the works, my cooking show op was put on hold , our show was put on hold, the time is coming when all of this will become fluid and it is soon. and these things are what KEEP me going Keep me strong till the day when my house will no longer be uncomfortable to be in. and that day is Soon

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sandy Point .....Lets Go back to Summer's start 2013

It feels so Good to be back on track BLOG speaking! been a while, and so much has happened moving and moving theres moving and packing and moving . ok you get the point. well I thought why not go back to right at the summers start and play catch up along the way .
the first week in New England was sad looking , the sky was grey and the air was wet but the undeniable smell of salt water and summer BBQ's could be smelled miles away the mingling of Fresh cut green grass and early morning dew evaporating on the leaves of shrubs is a young memory for me we never forget scents. took the kids and Davin to Portsmouth Ma. the day was sad looking But I knew Even the Aromatherapy and feel of the salt water on our feet would be great no matter what face the sky showed. I had loved to go there with my college room mate she is from Marblehead Mass and barely ever got down to the South shore. we'd get cute and go watch the Polo matches , and sit and talk about the world walking on SANDY POINT. so I drove to Sandy Point with the Fam.
the words of that Day July 2 2013.......Relaxing, Fun , Pretty, memorable.