Friday, February 20, 2009


my love of antiques and my "NUTHIN BUT TIME" schedule especially when Dillon is napping and Izzy is at school leaves me open to researching my own antiques and where they came from how old they are and for the collector HOW MUCH ARE THEY WORTH??? well I have come across some very fascinating facts about my treasures and how excited was I to find out the worth of some of my very favorite things. even Davin had his eyebrow raised when I told him how much some of our pieces go for ....BUT as husbands will do........his next sentence was "So when can we sell this stuff" oh well not everybody gets it !
the tea cup below was from my aunt Belmira , she was my paternal grandmothers sister And for some reason she loved me. I think it was the fact my dad was my grandmothers 1st born and Bella was very young when he was born so they were close growing up Funny that many many years later my father married a much younger woman (my Mom) and had me the Youngest of all the grandchildren.....28 grandchildren I was number 28
after my father died I would go and visit her and her husband, she would always make the best black tea and serve it with yummy Stella Dora cookies I always admired her pretty tea cups. bit by bit she would gift me items from her home saying to me " oh I don't have any use for this anymore would you like to have it?" I would NEVER SAY NO ! such beautiful things that she collected over the years , I adored them all and have them all and most importantly use them happily thinking of her every time.
I was so happy she got to meet my Boyfriend who became my husband 2 years later .
sadly she passed away before my wedding .it broke my heart But in my heart I feel she sees us using our lovely treasures she so lovingly gave me so not so long ago.