Monday, February 16, 2009


Us woman folk headed out today to do some fun shopping! I only wish I had not cheated on my gluten free life last night ....Oh Owwweeee! my tummy is a mess today BUT no belly crampin can stop a Gymboree sale!! cute bright colored shirts with sewn on flowers.... 1.99 HELLO!!!!!! yes I am grabbing those babies up! I splurged on a sweet shirt and tie for Dillon I could not resist the cars on the mini sized tie! toooooo cute and there is 3 times a year I will not upset myself with prices too much ....Christmas/Easter and Birthday Outfits! we go to church and we go out to dinner and we take family pictures so on these instances I spend a couple bucks more.

I am so excited about the latest fabric find , its for Izabel and I am so ready to start cutting that stuff up :)
I have always had a love for cherries on anything! one of my favorite websites which I feature its link below on the blog is Daddy O's and they have awesome rockabilly cutsey stuff ! and Cherries!!! earrings,on shoes etc....
so when I saw this fabric I was all over it like a yuppy at a starbucks!!!

I am going to settle in and start to cut as soon as I am off of here....Izabel wants to water color so I said SURE........