Friday, March 6, 2009


more time less time, its alwasy about time and some TIMES you get a surprise !
this week has been great my only complain is may left side is still jacked up from my humpty dumpty fall down the stairs a month ago, I believe I messed something up .my headaches continue and I am at the point of drinking myself to sleep LOL IF I could stomach alcohol ....hmmm maybe tropical girly drinks lots of them and chocolate martini's THATS IT!!!

okay so the week began on a new leaf , Davin started his new job brokering...its slowwwwwwwwwwww and he is frustrated nothing to do about that TISS THE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN......can you believe there are people who actually think the media has played this up?? I need to take them to my home stater and give them a cold water wakeup call.

talked to my Brother John this week , its always a GREAT talk and its call that makes you feel like your home. warm and generous. I sometimes get sad after we hangup.....I miss home a lot these days.

Dillon remindes me so much of my Dad and brother. his expressions are fun!!
I got a chance at snapping his 2 year old pics this week , I love them !

and as far as projects ....I have been a bit of a slacker ...lots to do and it has to stop somewhere.... but I am working on a new one...a blanket for Dillons car theme room, I am keeping it simple but Manley .