Tuesday, March 31, 2009


oh I hate it when little boo boo's happen

they are so senceless.....

I read somewhere they are a warning , that your mind is not in the "NOW" and I must say I believe it.

I was wondering what I could use a soup can for ...

yes you read right....soup can .

only problem is it was one with a pull top...NOT one I used my handy dandy can opener that does not cut but actually Presses the lid open ...so I am a bit spoiled by saftey as it were.....

I held this can with my thumb and pointer and SLASHHHHHHHHH it slices my pointer finger right on the pad. Arghhhhhhhh!!!

funny thing is I found out the hard way THIS CAN would not be used for anything else except a filler for my rubbish can.........

well the week of preperation continues

yoga felt very good today........... I am so knotted up I feel like a tree root .

Izabel joined in today ...she really enjoys getting on the floor and stretching....the cat pose is her favorite.

she is so excited about her big day on saturday. I hope the weather is kind to us.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Busy week.....my little girl turns 6 on saturday and ohhhh the fancy Party we have planned!! I really must admit its what I live for , ...my children are such a treat! I love them so much ! and Izabel is a ball of energy she never stops asking questions curious gal!

So this years Birthday's theme is FANCY NANCY!!

Fancy Nancy is a cute little irl who LOVES ALL THINGS FANCY!!! Izzy found the book at her school library and has taken out all they had which is 2 !!!
BUT they are enough to create FANCY thought in a little girls mind!

I LOVE the books and little nancy !

We oppted for a fancy color theme of muticolored pink Peony cake plates and bright Yellow lunch plates! pictures to come , tonight I am busy researching my next projects and taking some much needed me time.

I will be busy taking her Birthday pics tomorrow, but tonight I did finish her purse
for birthday and Easter services.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Raelianna is my Childhood friends daughter, she has 2 children and like myself older girl younger boy and our children are a little people staircase 7,6,3,2 mine are the 6 & 2

I wanted to create something a 7 year old girl could keep in her room for pencils and note pad but be small and soft enough she could take it with her.

Soooo heres what I came up with !! let me know what you think! I love it !!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


working on lil critters ......I'll let you know how it turns out!


I have been a busy Bee ! I organized my ugly craft room ....the previous owner had a passion for sponge paint.......odd squiggles and feather strokes ...NOT my bag baby !
I am a very "committed" person IN EVERY WAY.....just make up your mind!

any way !!! I have been busy , and Izzy's Birthday is apon us again ...hmmm ....sigh... I told her how i really would like for her to stop this aging process , she giggles and tells me shes going to live with dad and me forever!!!! SWEET girl....

I have 2 orders to fill in the next week , boy and girl Shoeseez as I call them ! and just for fun I made another pair , she might have to make a hard decision when she sees the Cheeries .....we'll see !!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I really don't know what I thought would happen when I turned 40.........would I wake up taht morning and find I grew fangs? weigh 10 xtra pounds? perhaps I would go through my day getting old lady pains...OH I know all silly and weird But its such a weird thing when your NOT a certain age....like when your 25 .....40 is so far away and Good God in Heaven WHAT on earth will be going ON when I get there!

Well I can say with out hesitation that I am very happy , OH I know there is whiney days.....but its about the stretch marks my sweet Son gave me as a birth gift and truely if that is the worse of it then come on is it really that bad.

let me check the list

Hubby: awesome dude, a bit on the messy side but I 'll keep him
kids : too well behaved to give away
GOD: is all around me
my Mom: Incredible and generous!
DOG: the smartest !!


so what did I do on the 40 day??

well my awesome neighbor friends and hubby snuck around as I used up my massage certificate, they came over while I was out that morning and hung up ballons and streamers and had an ice cream cake for me!

later that day my Husbands cousin came over and babysat the kiddies as we went off for my grown up date with my love to BOULDER

we went to a wonderful japanese grill for sushi

and to a beautiful tea house DUSHANBE for tea and dessert!

DUSHANBE was brought over from Russia in pieces and rebuilt!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


more time less time, its alwasy about time and some TIMES you get a surprise !
this week has been great my only complain is may left side is still jacked up from my humpty dumpty fall down the stairs a month ago, I believe I messed something up .my headaches continue and I am at the point of drinking myself to sleep LOL IF I could stomach alcohol ....hmmm maybe tropical girly drinks lots of them and chocolate martini's THATS IT!!!

okay so the week began on a new leaf , Davin started his new job brokering...its slowwwwwwwwwwww and he is frustrated nothing to do about that TISS THE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN......can you believe there are people who actually think the media has played this up?? I need to take them to my home stater and give them a cold water wakeup call.

talked to my Brother John this week , its always a GREAT talk and its call that makes you feel like your home. warm and generous. I sometimes get sad after we hangup.....I miss home a lot these days.

Dillon remindes me so much of my Dad and brother. his expressions are fun!!
I got a chance at snapping his 2 year old pics this week , I love them !

and as far as projects ....I have been a bit of a slacker ...lots to do and it has to stop somewhere.... but I am working on a new one...a blanket for Dillons car theme room, I am keeping it simple but Manley .