Sunday, January 3, 2010


yes Izabel.....

Mama, what is 365 on the shampoo bottle for??

Izzy, its the store product from WHOLE FOODS Market, their brand is 365


Yes Izabel.....

why 365?

365 stands for everyday of the year ......there are 365 days in one year Izabel.

OH..................... wow magical shampoo..........

Magical Izzy????

well 365 is a long time for this bottle to last .........

hmmmmmmmmmm yep magical shampoo............

when you are tired it is sometimes a blessing in answering questions such as the ones become so zombified that what ever makes it end faster is usually the best answer.

BUT after putting my little princess to bed I revisited the conversation again

as I stood in the hot shower..... 365 ...wait 362 today......already 3 days gone by in a new year ......I was all of a sudden transported through 2010 ...

thinking madly of what would 320...OR day 250 or 100 be like what ,when,how who , where, with what ....with whom...for how what cost..

quickly like alice through the rabbit hole I had to come back . as we get older our children IF WE LET THEM will teach us things we had forgotten....time is so LONG and STUFF is so far away.....NOT really but their anticipation is so great and their problems are so small that the trip is amazing and colorful and a big adventure...

as we worry about the electric bill
and the water bill we forgot

and the NEW hole in the almost new sneaker we JUST bought our youngest

we tend to rush through our days ...whats for lunch

whats for dinner

whats for what

....what what what ...all day long whats.weekly whats to ..well you get the picture....

as I stood doing my nightly vigil of scorching hot shower on badly aching legs while staring out the glass wall of the shower at my window.... which during the day holds a view that can make you an enemy to anyone trying to conserve water faces south and the foothills are jagged and black in the distance powdered with snow ....BUT at night all you see if there is a moon is there outline and tiny little colored lights of all the houses from here to there which "THERE" is an hour away...

I started to feel an all too familiar feeling ...I have felt it before many times..its as if GOD himself has placed his hand on my head ,

SOMETHING is coming ........something awesome SOMETHING great!!! what what what ???

WHAT EVER YOU something fun

something cool

something you have never done

eat ..drink..wear..

just go do

DON'T sit and watch that BOX with moving pictures..showing you what others do...

YOU DO !!!

it all comes down to a count down at the end of a December night once again

and what you did

OR didn't

what happened

and didn't

what should have but didn't ... do do do do

AND you will realize how wonderful it will feel

and how MAGICAL a bottle of shampoo can be

365 FUN ...Excitement....just follow the amazing advice......WASH---RINSE---REPEAT