Monday, September 14, 2015

OH that smell ........ITS FALL !!!!...

walking my son Dillon to the bus stop this morning I stopped and had him close his eyes and take a deep breath, his sweet little face tilted up at the sun as we took deep breathes of the lite scent of fall in the air , the temp was cool this morning and the day has been windy ,which not only can you smell the leaves that have begun their new transition into bright shades of yellow and red and orange But also the cool fresh scent of the ocean 2 blocks away on our Island of Aquidneck .

we will be able to see this view even better from my master bath when the fall leaves are gone !  this is the view from the main road 

we stood for a minute or two talking about the change in the air and we both agree that its time to start getting serious on the matter of Halloween, its a very serious matter in our family and I am the mistress of holiday , I have been the catalyst in the love of the holiday, Now that the kids are older and have their own ideas and costume choices Its even more exciting for me,

the house is pretty much  together , and its always a struggle to feel good about New surroundings and look at all your old stuff , wouldn't i be amazing to be able to buy all new everything to go with the new move ........yes well thats not an option , at least not a a smart financial one anyway. But one thing that can be done is repaint repost redesign , and that can be SO FUN, and not expensive at all !

as with every holiday , I never decorate at the last minute ...... Im the LEAD up to the day kinda gal , that means the month leading up to the actual holiday is the "set up" time ......kind of like an appetizer  before a meal , I like to have a lead to the holiday ...adding small additions here and there ....maybe a wreath will go up ....mums at the front door.....and all around the house small cute Halloweeny additions favorite time of year will last until its time to prepare for winter and the big holidays .

Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm Back ..........moving forward.

I'm back to the basics . I began writing on another blog then, things got very busy and my health became a drag so somethings had to be left for a bit ,
 blog was one.

                                        happy cows in Oklahoma

life has shifted and turned and moved so quickly and now theres plenty of time ......for now anyway to hit the keys once more.

so many amazing things going on and having both kids back to public school is one that is defiantly a great one for all. Homeschooling them for a year and a half was perfect for us not only did I learn to focus on them and what really mattered to them as people , They got to live in the country and learn so many different things about the land and animals and their place along side of them. there were hard times for me missing home but we have all missed home ,ever since we've left Colorado we have missed home and will most likely always miss it.

BUT NOW theres the ocean and more mountains and trees ! ohhhh sooo many trees!! I lived here for 25 years and never fully grasped how many trees we have compared to other parts of the country , I find myself looking at them in such a way that feels foreign as if I have never seen so many in one place, but living down in florida panhandle and in Oklahoma ,one forgets how deep forest it is up here in New England.

and when your feeling the need for a getaway even for a couple of hours just to think , there is my favorite thing, The Ocean.

we took wedding photos on these rocks in 1997 

Ive taken on new challenges , in writing in producing and that means I need to keep healthy so getting back into better way of eating and sleeping is also a priority these days , I want so badly to get my creative crafty juices flowing as well and who knows where that will lead . After the last 3 years of rebuilding its time to Unpack the old me dust her off and apply some polish .......see where she fits in and what is ready to be thrown away for good and what can be carried along for a new leg ,a new chapter to this nomads life.