Tuesday, October 8, 2013

6 months Never in all my moves has it been this difficult to be ok in my surroundings , Both homes we are connected with , (the one we're living in) and of coarse the worse of the two the one which we will call home , had to be cleaned and when I say cleaned, I dont mean oh some bleach some windex it will be good as new!!!
yea .....about that ..... just on the cleaning of the homestead it has taken us 1 and half boxes of construction size trash bags , just for trash , that does not includes hard ware and wood. that does include piles and piles of rat chewed clothing , documents,linens towels, recreation toys, frames . then there was the after math of the chewing.................POOP. dust pans filled with rat POOP .....dead spiders, roaches,scorpions,cicada bugs. the house we are staying had less animal mess but the hoarding was the same and the smoke smell continues till we are gone. all our things lay in storage and we have limited clothing so laundry is doubled. I was brought up in a home where cleanliness was at the top of the list , it is a stepping stone to organization which is the key to making life run smoother , knowing what you possess and what needs fixing what is needed and not needed so to be put in a situation where NONE of that is taking place and has not been in a very long time is very hard road. we all have mistakes we have made in our lives and roads we should not have taken , even though there have been missteps my kids are not at the mercy of our choices , they have been very well taken care of they are loved and compared to other countries and other families around us they have both parents , their parents really love each other, we pray together, we try as hard as possible to never go too long without eating dinner together yes we are CATHOLIC , that is OUR path. and I believe it has been the SAVIOR to our heartache. there is still so much more to do and writing my Portuguese 1st Gen cookbook is in the works, my cooking show op was put on hold , our show was put on hold, the time is coming when all of this will become fluid and it is soon. and these things are what KEEP me going Keep me strong till the day when my house will no longer be uncomfortable to be in. and that day is Soon