Sunday, March 15, 2009


I really don't know what I thought would happen when I turned 40.........would I wake up taht morning and find I grew fangs? weigh 10 xtra pounds? perhaps I would go through my day getting old lady pains...OH I know all silly and weird But its such a weird thing when your NOT a certain when your 25 .....40 is so far away and Good God in Heaven WHAT on earth will be going ON when I get there!

Well I can say with out hesitation that I am very happy , OH I know there is whiney days.....but its about the stretch marks my sweet Son gave me as a birth gift and truely if that is the worse of it then come on is it really that bad.

let me check the list

Hubby: awesome dude, a bit on the messy side but I 'll keep him
kids : too well behaved to give away
GOD: is all around me
my Mom: Incredible and generous!
DOG: the smartest !!


so what did I do on the 40 day??

well my awesome neighbor friends and hubby snuck around as I used up my massage certificate, they came over while I was out that morning and hung up ballons and streamers and had an ice cream cake for me!

later that day my Husbands cousin came over and babysat the kiddies as we went off for my grown up date with my love to BOULDER

we went to a wonderful japanese grill for sushi

and to a beautiful tea house DUSHANBE for tea and dessert!

DUSHANBE was brought over from Russia in pieces and rebuilt!!