Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deck the Halls.......ta da ta da Daaa...

"Its thaaaaaat time of year, when your heart is a glow ...every song you hear seems to say....Meeryy Christmas......

is there a Holiday that makes you feel as WARM inside?? well excluding Cinco de Mayo here...ya get too many spicey tacos and.....well thats NOT what I mean...

every year we have our established traditions that we made when Davin and I were alone kiddies BUT since the kids we have added SO many more FUN ones !!

Hard to believe we have lived here for 4 years its seems so fast....Izzy was Dillons age when we came here.

I am very tradtional in my style with an ecclectic collection of treasures I have been given as well as bought in all the places we've lived.

BUT at Christmas I revert into a New England mentality And it makes my home feel LIKE home to me.


they spin with the heat from the lights!

my antiques are my favorites

Handmade in Plymouth Mass By a neighbor friend who worked as an actor/real gardener at the plantation.

SANTA GETS A SPECIAL KEY !!! We don't want him to eat alone! we leave salad for the reindeer!