Monday, July 20, 2009


visiting family is always fun, especially when you live so far apart as we do.
so this month was such a memorable one for us.

my mom and stepdad came to visit from New England for a week and WHAT a fun exciting and heartwarming week it was. the departure is hard on the heart and soul.

they get longer and sadder and I wish I could go home and visit more often than I have had the chance to.

then a pleasent surprise mini visit happened this weekend, Davin's cousins from Oklahoma city had gone on a week long mission trip with the Youth ministry they belong to ...TO ALASKA , amazing journey for them.

they came through the Denver airport and were laid over for 4 hours so we all hopped in the truck and off to the airport we went to spend a little time with good folks we hadn't seen in a while. how fun and exciting to visit at a not common place
the kids love the airport and thought it was quite an adventure.

all and all a great month so far, next weekend is our 12th Anniversary ....YIKES!

can't wait to have a date withthe hubbyman

I want to go see teh New HARRY POTTER , But the rest of the date is all a secret :) can't wait to see what hubbyman has up his sleeve.