Tuesday, April 21, 2009



I am a tired gal !! I am happy to have some creative time...BUT there is



and okay everything ELSE time while still cleaning,feeding, and PROTECTING my two ducklings

so I am BEAT,TIRED, DONE............ SO why did I start pillows?? because I am a crazy person!!! no I like to have lots of stuff going on

its like a DVR for crafts in a way .....I start and then I get back to it later

I did manage to finish Dillon's Room !!! I was collecting metal cars and trucks for his shelf and it is Done and Done!!! I think it looks great! so tahts one more major project done , hubby did an awesome job as usual on the paint.

BUT I am not DONE I still have so much to do...........I can not imagine what my house would look like if I HAD my TV SHOWS to watch...I have not watched a show thet does not have a opening from PBS in way tooooo long ....

I really honestly don't mind it though.
and since the snow is ALL yes I said ALL gone the ground is a bit mushy okay REALLY MUSHY the kids have to always be drawn to the XTRA mushy muddiest of mud areas ....Izzy is OK with taking the boots off at the slider...BUT Mr. Dillon is NOT an advocate of helping mommy NOT having to mop all the time.....

in fact I believe that boy was a gag gift from my Grandmother (VoVO) up in heaven getting back at me for all the awful nasty dirty things I must have done as a child I AM VERY CONVINCED of it.......

I have 3 orders for booties this week so off to the sewing room I try to go when Dillon is Napping and Izzy is at school BUT then I look at the carpet and I have to sweep and I should really get the kitchen counters clean .....SEE it never ends

so in conclusion its clean and crazy or dirty and crazy.......I will always take clean ..