Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lil wonders all around , most of the time we are so busy we simply pass them by in a fast paced rush to go and take NOT so little wonders.

an old friend from high school and his wife recently had their 3rd baby, but its not that simple this new baby just as the 2nd baby have medical problems and both have had to have stomach surgery at birth , Lilly the new baby is still hospitalized at 3 weeks of age and is almost as big as a bag of sugar.

so in my sewing projects I desided to take a turn and make a gift for Lilly

and as I think of mark and his family I have been taking a bit more time to look at the little things a little closer.

Friday, May 8, 2009

where the time goes

Having adrenaline fatigue has been my enemy for so long I can not remember when I didn't have it or when I felt genuinely GREAT !

hard childhood (happy) but hard a lot of health issues in our house and death and over all not the most cheerful place health wise.

But some very treasured memories of wonderful people who will always live in my heart.

SO why the DARK beginning to this post today?? well I feel very fatigued these last 2 to 3 weeks and in between trying to feel good.... life must go on I'm afraid....

but as UN luck would have it we lost 2 relatives , never easy .

and again life MUST go on............

I have been passing the time trying hard to work on my horror show of a garden...poor dear garden....the family that lived here for 17 years fell apart about 3 years ago and so did the house and garden. so there is a lot of work and usually I jump into this kind of project head on. BUT with the draggy butt way I feel these days it been a LABOR ....a long painful one at that.

not just in my joints BUT the Rose bushes that never got pruned the ground that never got raked the grass that is dead or struggling to live. and it all pains me that its so much work.

well I finished the Roses and a splendid surprise happened there were other tiny rose plants hid away by tall grasses and over growth. and they look happy and willing to bloom if given the chance ....SO I will ....I will keep you posted of coarse ....

I looked at the calendar today and realized I have lost some time has gone all too quickly ....Mothers day around the bend and that means my Niece Meagan is 20 years old ....geesh that alone gives me a lil shiver up my back....yes time goes on quickly it passes ....silently it disappears , it slips behind the doors and the dust mops the car washes and the bank statements, it melts into the pavements and hovers over us as we sleep.

and with those thoughts I have not only cut back the cleaning crazies but I also have started to make a little me time

I created a photo blog as well Because I realize I love doing photo projects and I love watching my kids grow. so I am hoping this could lead to a future hobby that I alos get paid for . OH I have my first client !! on the 20th :)

I was feeling sad and tired so I grabbed my camera and my Son and snapped some cute pictures of him in the vest and cowboy hat my husbands cousins wife had sewn .....
He has a perfecct name for any western DILLON JAMES !!!!

I post for this entry bits of what the last few weeks brought to my table .
as I ready myself for mothers day Weekend ...HAPPY MOMMIES DAY TO ALL!!!!!

And I will be spending mine being as mommy as I can be !!