Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am pooped!!!
80 for a high lite breeze BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

we had a great time! such a great time I can not even walk :)
I was sad most of the Felines were eating their lunch so not too many kittys for us today BUT everyone else was hangin out having a heck of a spring weather day!!

BUT alas its over and I had to make a quick din din and as I type the sun is setting over the Rockies and my children who at this point should Be down for the count are riding their tractor as I ready them for bath and BED!!! OH the joys of BED!!!

I need to write some radio hoohaah so I must make this entry short.

so here is proof of fun and wonderment HA HA !! and good night!


A week Beautiful and in the 80's so off to the Denver Zoo we go ! they have been such patient sweet children, Daddy has had our truck and being at home has been a GOOD thing but its time to stretch our legs and our minds a bit ! the zoo is a perfect place to do both! Its a Great ZOO! and lots of options

as I write this they are still snoozing away in their beds, we let them stay up a bit past bedtime to watch a scoby doo movie.

So I will finsh the blog and head into the kitchen and start packing our picnic
Izabel will be in Heaven ! she adores picnics, and at the zoo of all places is the Best place of all !!! she is studying baby animals in class so looking at "Habitats" seems to be a big deal these days... and even though she will be going on an end of the year trip to the zoo next week, I think Dillon will enjoy listening to his big sis explain all teh wonders at the zoo today !!