Friday, April 10, 2009


Good Friday....................REALLY .......GOOD????

I think its greatly understated...

AWESOME ....AMAZING........spectacular.......SUPER DUPER over the TOP......FRIDAY

yes much better.....

Portuguese traditions are so orthodox dad came home from work at 12 noon so he could pray and he would fast at lunch and go to services at 3 pm

mom would too but she was not as devout as my father. later when I got older he would ask if I would refrain from wearing make up on Good friday I always did to make him happy and be respectful.

Easter WAS such an important holiday at our home, It was much more solenm then Christmas but much more important as a family to observe I STILL try very hard to
apply the traditions as best as I can.

tasty fish Dinner on friday, Prayers of meditation with family. and ready ourselves for Holy Saturday I am attempting to bake PORTUGUESE EASTER BREAD this year MASSA
attempting because I live at 6000 ft and its hard to bake sometimes at this altitude.

so I am praying for a good dough !!!

we'll see tomarrow !!!! and I will post photos!

today we painted eggs !! always fun !

and pretty