Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have been lax in my blogging but I am so stressed with the crazy world of radio jobs or lack there of ...that I seem to be turning a bit lazy it seems will be a year in November since the departure from the station here..... a friend of ours told us their tower got struck by lightening ...sorry but I could not help but think ...."GOOD"........thats what Karma gives you when you destroy so many peoples lives.

BUT that is NOT what this entry is about .. ITS ABOUT BLOB!!! GOO !!! SLIME!!


ON rainy days it sometimes can get hairy at my house...... "BUT I AM BORED!!!!" " I DON'T WANT TO PLAY" whiney whiney....

I love discovering such fun and sharing it is even more fun!! this is a great recipy and super for girls and boys of ALL ages :)

with all the cute little airtight containers you can find now a days at walmart or Target its an awesome home made gift OR party favor !

let me know if you do it !!!

later gaters!

How to make (Slime)

To make simply mix equal parts of liquid starch and glue together.

We placed 1/4 cup liquid starch into a sandwich bag and added about 3 drops of green food coloring.

Next add in 1/4 cup glue

Mix well. It will start to form a solid blob. There might be a bit of liquid that will not mix in, just remove the blob of slime and discard the bag with the extra liquid.

Take it out of the bag and have fun!