Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretty Escapes .....

Have you ever been through a cycle of life that seems to be taking forever...but when you look at the calendar you realize time is flying by , its YOU that is a bit stuck....??

Well its my life lately .....a cog or two in my wheel is missing and everytime the rotation comes around to the missing space , I feel overwhelmed trying to move the wheel by hand,

when ever i get bogged down by it all I force myself to remember the joys of "PRETTY" things of long ago and my "conservative" journey of vintage goodies and trinkets.

those who stop in to read my rammblings know I talk about my Great Aunt Belmira (Bella) she was my Dads Aunt , Grandmothers prim and straight laced younger sister.
she was unable to have children and adopted her older sisters youngest daughter, after her sister Mariana died while giving birth to her. Sad story yes, But also a beautiful one .

Aunt Bella married a Wonderful classy gentleman who was as straight laced and proper as they come. And they gave their daughter The world .

her house was a wonderful small little cape cod in Somerset Mass , BUT the treasures were dreamy to a little girl like me , I loved going there . Aunt Bella always had stella doro entertaining cookies and the yummiest "Elephant ears" and the yummiest Hot creamed Tea .

My lovely Cherry antique china Hutch holds many of Aunt Bella's

(Balchka- nicname her hubby gave her) Pretty things

Dishes,pottery ,wind up metal toys. they are some of my most treasured possesions

as I got older I began to be more and more interested in my Grandmothers upbringing
at that time turn of the century , her family was very wealthy and the girls 8 of them !!!
and one Boy ! (can you imagine)

were taught how to keep a home and how to do most things women today Make jokes about NOT having to OR knowing How to DO

I won't hide my feelings .....Women HAVE gotten boring-Lazy a bit ...they don't try to be dainty or sophisticated anymore .everyday I see BEAUTIFUL ravishing women who for some reason rather listen to GAY MEN about how they should dress and do their hair
elegance is looked at as a BIG money ticket item

why try ? when slipping on sweat pants is so easy and ...ewwwwwww SO comfortable

Ohhhhhh I am a victim I too have fallen a bit off the prim and dainty truck...

BUT those who knew me before I took off to be a NOMAD know I loved my fancy fancies my large gawdy sparkly earings my long gowns and high heels .....SO why and where did it all fall away??

and why is it a joke to see pretty heeled princesses clacking by us at the Mall ? why do we snark up and give them a once over in awe and disapproval??

I BELIEVE we want to be pretty WE want the glitz but are to worn out to give the extra UMPH ~!

Has pretty morphed?? has the tattoo & nose/ear/lip/tongue pearcings topped by multi colored hair ...zig zaged extentions WON us over???

am I being harsh in my observation? Or am I just missing a time where feathers ruled and Vanities were NOT an option but a must have in every bedroom .....

for now I Will live through "TURNER MOVIE CLASSICS" and instead of silky satin jammies with matching Robe and amazing slippers ...I'll be the One wearing the Hanes HER WAY sweat pants $2.99 slipper socks from TARGET and my STEAL YOUR FACE tee shirt...BUT as I sit and VEG in the past I will most likely be drinking "red Rose Tea" and you can still find a box of Entertaining mix cookies on a very loved old gold rimmed dessert plate Coutesy of Aunt Belmira in peace pretty little woman and thank you for all the pretty little things....................