Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well apart from being so tired yesterday I noticed many typo's on last nights blog post LOL
today was a nice day. I made yummy pancakes for breakfast with bacon OHHHH bacon!

if I have NOT done a blog about bacon I will have to HOW I LOVE THE PIGGY!!!
we are a pork lovin family, BOY am I thankful I am not Jewish I would be sinning up a storm!

where was I?...........oh yes Valentines day.......we went to the home show with our wonderful free tickets. my dear sweet friend Velda had a booth there at the Denver convention center, so we got some free passes and were subjected to the prettiest of pretty in home design.

I was good I didn't whine or pout...well I pouted a Bit...just a tad...BUT Hey I love to Garden and the displays were to "POUT for"

I can't imagine whining about "WANTING" I feel sooooo blessed with my life, GOD has helped us so much in our life I might whine but its not for material things its for things I have no control over ...........LIKE my growing children, or the gray hairs that pop up out of my colored curls.....

all in all LOVE day was LOVELY!