Monday, March 10, 2014

Rebuilding ,Renewal

When I lived in Indiana right after Izzy was born I was just beginning my women's empowerment classes we did meditation and we shared stories we sent each other notes of support. over the years I fell hard into Radio and even though I did listener events I never again went as far as classes or gatherings. Now I find my self in one of the toughest last year so far of my marriage , watching my husband go through pain of loss and also the growing pains of moving forward without his father who was his best male friend . yes its been very hard . I woke up the other day thinking ok I need to get back to basics I need to get back to what brings me joy and also helps others in the process,
I have decided to get my Meditation practice up and going once more. These days I spend most of my time with my amazing kids . I have come to see that mediation and taking mini zen times really help them with studies. I cant wait to get it all together Im planning mommy and me meditation classes free introduction classes and discounts to mommies who homeschool I can feel the energy flow already. NOW........finding the right places to meet .....time to network