Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello FALL !!!!!!!!!! I have missed you so MUCH!

If you know me well YOU know I LOVE everything AUTUMN , E-V-E-R-Y THING !!
I am always on high alert for Fall inspired colors ON Any thing

curtains,dishes, bowls, paint

Its been a hard month, September is one of those months I rather NOT be a part of , iots a month filled with sad memories and too many anniveraries of loved ones last days on this planet.

After a LONG week in my home state of Massachusetts of mourning and crying I came back to The Mile High city ready to move on , but how ignorant am I to think that a plane ride and different surroundings would take away the HOLE left in my heart.

So I must move on , what choice do I have ? I have 2 beautiful children, and a wonderfully supportive hubby who is trying with all his might to mend my pain.

I awoke yesterday feeling heavy hearted , so sluggish so lost , I did my motherly duties as well as I could and tried to be human BUT the tear fairy came to visit and all I could do was visit with her for a while.

today I am wobbly BUT better , and I do understand this is what will be of my lfe for a while , and everytime I want to call my Brother only his wife and kids will answer and I will have to get use to not being able to talk to HIM. just as I have grown to do with out Daddy.

The leaves are beginning to turn colors and though my heart is healing the colors on the mountains bring me to a place where my soul feels free and lite.

I asked my husband if we could take a road trip this weekened up the "hill" the Rockies are calling me and I want to go visit for a while and pray at their peaks where there is nothing in their way to rushing up to Gods ears.

I began to set my Holloween stuff up.

This year on the day of All souls I will bake and give my creations away to friends in memory of my loved ones ...........