Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Back...

I can NOT imagine my life without fall. for me it is the most perfect time of year. the temps,the smells the sights the sounds .. all of it is ME , it takes my heart as its prisoner.

My favorite smells on this Earth are as follows....Apples,cinnamon,vanilla,nutmeg,fresh brewed coffee,roasted turkey,rainy days at the oceanside,damp Mountain forest air. their are many more BUT these are my favorite.

I come alive in my Kitchen I silently say little prayers of Thanks to my Grandmother and Mother for giving me the great gift of The Love of baking and cooking.

I miss My Mothers Yard and this time of year when I was a child meant Baskets of Apples and Grapes, I remember picking huge zuccinis and corn.

I become sad at times thinking I need to get settled and have that again for MY children, I long to find a place in this world where they can experience the same only different lifestyle that builds spirit and respect for the earth.
living in disturbia is so bland NO fields or oceansides No early dark afternoons that are perfect for spooky hide and seek.

BUT I do what I can with what we have which is Good and fun as well just very very different .

I baked my first pumpkin bread of the year along with a loaf of banana bread
ahhhh all the pretty warm inviting smells soothing everyones moods.

a annoying headache has got me grounded and tonights dinner will be Breakfast foods
Blueberry waffles and eggs etc....

I hope to feel better on Sunday when My football team plays My husbands here at home and a goodnights sleep is what the Dr. ordered. on a cool fall night.