Thursday, August 26, 2010

While you wait..........

What a week , as I try to establish 2 new (old) ventures here in the mile high city, I have reached my body's "final Straw"

I gave up fighting Chronic fatigue and got to know it and about it and how I could make it go away from me for a long while. I have been successful , the problem is many times I am not really working "with it" as i am pretending it is NOT there at all which can work BUT eventually it wins , because you can NEVER FORGET its power and what it will dio to you if you ignore it.

last night I became sadly aware of what will be my next 2 to 3 days as a mom and wife and human , I am having an episode/attack VISIT FROM...."FATIGUE"

my feet are purple my legs are swollen my stomach is bloated and I walk as if I have been thrown around by Transformers !

water ,rest, motrin, Vitamins by the hand fulls and there will be a tear or two , and there will be depression

BUT even though I can not move quickly and with strength, I will not lay in bed even though thats what all DR. recommend , funny those Dr's never tell you who will cook or clean or take care of your kids and house when you feel this way.

I can NOT stay still , it kills me to not be moving , doing SOMETHING.

so I look at what can I do that will be creative, good for me,easy and not take to much stand up time ???

well working on my accessory line can fit those things as well as much needed Dillon time ! I can create while he watches his shows and sit with him , I have many other things THAT are NOT important but need to be attended to .....BUT if I go to teh hospital they will not go away and they will out live me and YOU

so they CAN AND WILL WAIT....

so you see a chronic condition even as stressful and hard as it is to accept , can also be a wake up to embrassing life and enjoying the little things that we tend to skip over as we are trying to win the "RACE" for what exactly?