Monday, October 13, 2008

sams spy birthday party at BOONDOCKS

bathtime is the right time for Funnnnnnnnnnnn

Colorado sunsets,from our deck

I have been in love with the sun all mylife. as a child I loved winter sunsets the best especially after a snowy day the sky was so pretty purple and blue , hmm ironically the same color as my appendages after a day in the snow :)

in my teens I came to love the Summer sunsets , mainly the days at the beach after we had bathed in the waves of the Ocean and basked in The rays of the Sun , a end of day BBQ or bonfire was backdropped by the pretty pinks and foam greens and powdery blues of a sunset fit for a cherub.

Not till I was in my 20's did I even come to know what a true sunrise was, interning at my first radio job meant waking at 3:30am ungodly to most humans but the opertunity was great and the view from the 13th floor of the prudential tower in Boston the sunrise was breath taking!

super BRIGHT! with all the power of a Spotlight from Heaven shining on you on your stage of life as if GOD calls out " ENTER STAGE RIGHT" and you go into your scene for one more day.....

then life changed ...California-Texas-Oklahoma-Arizona-Indiana-Maryland-Colorado

all had a different feel but also a different sunset and sunrise.

These days there are NO shortages of Ooooowwwsohhhhs and Awwws when it comes to our new Home in Colorado, at my job I sit in awe of our view from the 7th floor studios that face west and the whole front range of Rocky moutains the sun rises against them making them tangerine and golden in the early morning in fall and winter but in spring and summer you are faced with the

line from America the beautiful....."For Purple Mountains Majesty"

I am humbled by the beauty of our adopted state and the overwhelming feeling that we are closer to Heaven with every sunset we witness .....