Sunday, February 22, 2009


well as a sensitive mommy does ......especially since I have this flu THAT CAME TO KILL ME I BELIEVE........ I BEGAN TO TEAR UP.... well I knew for weeks that this day would come The first tooth to leave Izzy's mouth and make way for the permenant residents ..BUT as a mom and did I mention SENSITIVE to a fault I cried a tear or two when she wiggled it into Frenzy at the kitchen table Saturday night. Dad approached it with zeal!! and pliers .

I flipped out at the mention of such a thing, he loves to pull chains and none are more fun and better to pull than MINE.

so off they went into the bathroom to plot the PULL the end she did it herself couple of good tugs and it was free of her perfect little mouth.

its always in these small times your mothers words come to visit you.

"wait till you have children , then you will know how a mothers heart feels."

KLEENEX anyone.................................?