Sunday, October 11, 2009

GAME DAY For the Whole Family.. and eye candy for mom as well

once a year it happens and every year it goes down the same way ...My Husband and i take turns talking trash to each other all in good fun ....OR IS IT?? Bahahahahaa!!!

insert evil laugh here ___________________

NOW...... I LOVE FOOTBALL always have , But as much as I can get in there and cheer and boo and say

"COME ON!!! That WAS A BS call!!!!"

I am only a red blooded American woman so how can I ignore the TIGHT PANTS,

Being a fan of New England ...well its not a Bad thing to be Girl as well with a quarterback THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT!!! bad enough his WIFE is A VICTORIA'S SECRET MODEL!! HOTTIEeeeeee!!!

BUT he also ..(coaxed by her I am SURE) models as well and WHY the Hell NOT I say!!!

BUT gotta say that It does NOT stop at My QB

The Denver Broncos have got a couple of SIZZLERS As Well .....

Brandon Marshall....... OH my Goodness ...BLUSH*

this year on one of the coldest days we have had so far it happened again .

Denver Broncos ( my hubbys team AND our States NFL team) Against

My Team The New England Patriots

every year I find No better excuse then a my team playing against his to make a menu traditional to my home state .

Clam Chowder

some kind of shrimp meal this year I choose crawfish and shrimp in cream sauce

baked candied Sweet Potatoes
and fresh corn Corn Bread.

and who ever wins at least we all agree that the food is hot and yummy!!

AND NO matter who loses well..........................

Theres always Ice Cream ........