Monday, March 30, 2009


Busy little girl turns 6 on saturday and ohhhh the fancy Party we have planned!! I really must admit its what I live for , children are such a treat! I love them so much ! and Izabel is a ball of energy she never stops asking questions curious gal!

So this years Birthday's theme is FANCY NANCY!!

Fancy Nancy is a cute little irl who LOVES ALL THINGS FANCY!!! Izzy found the book at her school library and has taken out all they had which is 2 !!!
BUT they are enough to create FANCY thought in a little girls mind!

I LOVE the books and little nancy !

We oppted for a fancy color theme of muticolored pink Peony cake plates and bright Yellow lunch plates! pictures to come , tonight I am busy researching my next projects and taking some much needed me time.

I will be busy taking her Birthday pics tomorrow, but tonight I did finish her purse
for birthday and Easter services.