Saturday, April 18, 2009


I laughed ....really giggled 24 inches?????/ oh come on in APRIL?? 24 inches ???

And thursday afternoon was foggy .....and rainy just a bit till Friday came and a soft blanket of snow covered the never stoped.....till Saturday at 4:00 PM 24 inches???............YES YES YES YES......

I was okay till I saw my fridge and sighed ...."WE HAVE TO GO TO MARKET"!!!

BUT with the trucks 4x4 acting up the only choice was THE BEAST

ahhhhh the "BEAST"...........its a 1978 Ford BRONCO and it means bizzzzzNESSSSS

it was my Father in laws and one summer we lived with him and he asked my husband to help him "put that engine right" ANd the y went off on the car journey (THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT ) one night I washed the dinner dishes and watched the drop lights in the drive way in the dark working into the night on the I washed and looked I soon jumpped and screamed as 4 foot flames rose from under the hood ....i was happy when I heard loud curse words ...they were not DEAD.......

well it was the carborator and it was obviously ready to cook both of them . they got it to run and My father in law gave it to my hubby, passed the "torch"as it were

2 of our cars are old enough to drink my truck is 7 years old and looks up to the other two with pride it knows this family means biznesssss! LOL we keep things around for ever.

Davin has a corvette....A 1987 , its a great car lots of fun , not to practical these days, BUT I gotta tell you when you have a mommy daddy date IF YOU GET A MOMMY DADDY DATE.........its a great time and makes you feel young.

so back to the subject at hand THE BEAST!!!

well we pulled out the BEAST today we all piled in and laughed as the neighbors waved from their mountinous piles we carved a path and slid and laughed the little man was in awe......WOW WEEEEE what a cool truck he was thinking in his 2 year old noggin.

we made it to the main roads which were already sparkling and wet the snow had already began its untimely departure... I din't get upset BUt for a little while ,
come its pretty and the forcast for teh next week is in order.....59-64-76-77-
so why be sad.....