Sunday, December 14, 2008

teach your parents well......

advent has always been a special time , being Catholic there is a wonderful plan laid out and its always been such a special part of my life, BUT now its more special then ever! having children has made it amazing, Davin and I are discovering
not only how to celebrate with the kids but they are teaching us what the true meaning of Christmas is ! we feel so blessed especailly when we try to supress our giggles as 23 month old Dillon shouts Aaahhh-Men!!!! at the end of prayers!

3 sundays left till Christmas and the advent wreath is a source of joy and that is GREAT by US !!! the kids love lighting the candles and saying prayers Izzy wants me to say them in latin which is funny to her and as I say them she then wants to know what I have said ....LOL I do both languages pleases all :)


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