Saturday, February 28, 2009


Family time is is all the time ........since Davin and I are home its 24/7 with together this will end monday ,Davin goes back to being a auto Broker till we can land back in the radio chair(s)!

So we headed "Up the Hill" as we say here in Colorado.

MEANING: going to the Mountains.

the day was great But the wind was crazy at times, and the long lovely path we love to trek was still icey SOOooo we poked around had our packed lunch and I giggled as Davin turned into a younger heavier version of his dad and pressed at the kids

"watch the path!!!....COME HERE!! Don't touch the water!!! Don't step in the mud!!
Dillon ! Dillon?? Dillon!!! DILLONNNNNNNNN!!!!!! Izzy NO...Iz don't Izzy PLEEZZZEEEE
Izabel what did I just say??? (and MY FAVORITE) IZABEL ASPEN FESMIRE!!! 1...2..3...!!!

ahhhhhh whats a mom to do but GLARE!!!!! and tell him to CHILL OUT WE ARE IN NATURE!!!

I have lots of fabric detergent its O-K-A-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't believe he understands 2 and 5 year olds sometimes :)
BUT after the colorfilled stories of his STEP- DAD...................well I did say Colorfilled did I not?? NUFF SAID

it was a nice day and after coming back down we did give them a much needed time on the playground near our house .

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Tipper said...

Looks like a super fun time was had by all! Nothing like a hike to inspire the kids-and get them a little dirty too :)

Looks like your FatTuesday was very decorative and fun!