Tuesday, March 31, 2009


oh I hate it when little boo boo's happen

they are so senceless.....

I read somewhere they are a warning , that your mind is not in the "NOW" and I must say I believe it.

I was wondering what I could use a soup can for ...

yes you read right....soup can .

only problem is it was one with a pull top...NOT one I used my handy dandy can opener that does not cut but actually Presses the lid open ...so I am a bit spoiled by saftey as it were.....

I held this can with my thumb and pointer and SLASHHHHHHHHH it slices my pointer finger right on the pad. Arghhhhhhhh!!!

funny thing is I found out the hard way THIS CAN would not be used for anything else except a filler for my rubbish can.........

well the week of preperation continues

yoga felt very good today........... I am so knotted up I feel like a tree root .

Izabel joined in today ...she really enjoys getting on the floor and stretching....the cat pose is her favorite.

she is so excited about her big day on saturday. I hope the weather is kind to us.

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