Monday, April 6, 2009


My gift to Izzy for her Big 6 was a day at the new lil girls spa SWEET AND SASSY

what a time we had it was worth spending a lil bit on my lil gal! she had a great HANNAH MONTANA time !!! everything in theplace has some kind of sparkle or glitter or jewel!!!! sequins, ribbons shiney happy gals all getting pretty!!! AS A PISCES I MUST TELL YOU THIS FISH WAS IN HEAVEN !!!!! SPARKLES EVERYWHERE!!!

she got her ears peirced as well ....very brave about 5 tears rolled down her lil cheeks .

she looks so sweet!

we headed to Barnes and Noble to look at books and have a snack ! what a great day

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Tipper said...

What a fun day for the little princess!!