Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonton's made of crab? BUT what else can I do!!! hmmmm

SO what to do with yummy Wonton wrappers!!

I was planning on making crab as I usually do, BIG favorite here at our house.
BUT as I looked at them frying away I realized little pockets stuffed with yummy crabby creammy chessy goodness can be done in so many yummy creamy gooey good treats

SO I looked in the fride and PRESTO ....I had a half eatin pint of Blueberries!! YES LITTLE FRIED WONTON BLUEBERRY PIES!!!!!!

so in a bowl I put the blueberries with some sugar and let them do there thing for about 40 seconds in the Ole Microwave !

ahhhh the yummy gooey sweet blueberries were perfect!!

I plopped a dot on teh wontons and sealed them with water and into the oil they went ! quickly browning and looking crispy and delish ! I let them drain on paper towels and then PIECE de Resistance' powdered sugar! can you say
HOLY COW THATS GOOD!!!!!!! I knew you could !

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