Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boas Festas!!!! Merry Christmas!!

what can be said that has NOT been said before about Christmas???? well I believe there is always Something to be said BECAUSE every Christmas is different, and has a personality of its own.

This year was tough many ways , I lost 2 uncles, I gained a new little cousin ON Christmas Day!!

I discovered how strong I am emotionally and mentally after a year of Unemployment, & an unwelcome return of an enemy...ULCER.

BUT my family has grown closer and my relationship with my mother is the best its ever been. My Brother kicked Cancer in the ass!!
my niece is IN LOVE teee heee!!!

my sis in law also in love with the most handsome interesting man :) has her art work displayed in Germany in January !! AND I am so sad I can not be there to support her!

BUT with all the things that disn't happen the way I wanted I have this amazing feeling that 2010 will be remarkable

and our Christmas day was perfectly spent enjoying family and food .