Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday night dinner....

THe kids got 4 new tails for Christmas from auntie Diane (cousin actually )

so when I said we were having shrimp and cod for dinner .....well the cats came runnin.... hee hee

my crazy wacky food world !!

as you all know I love food ....okay I love THE FOOD....

vegies--meats--fish--fruit..... etc..........

so here is my Sunday night list for this week




rock shrimp

they were sauted with butter ,wine,salt a dash of hot paprika a tiny bit of pineapple for a nice sweetness

fresh pineapple


and so here is what I came up with ,

I was going to make chocolate cake BUT with all the fruit I desided to do a "fosters" type thing

So Butter, brown sugar,honey,brandy and bananas and fresh cut pineapple were sauted lit aflame and served over ice cream sprinkled with yummy pom seeds and a little crunchy lady finger cookie on the edge !DELISHHHHHH

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